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 Ad  & Anneke  Kemmeren-Biemans

 Herikaard 1

 4847 ER  Teteringen

 The Netherlands

 Phone: + 31 76 5220848

 Fax:      + 31 76 5710878

 Email:  info@teterra.nl



 Pharaoh hond

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My husband and I are the proud owners of the Tat-Teterra kennels. 

My love for the Kelb tal-Fenek started in 2000. With assistance from Peter Gatt of the Tal-Wardija kennels my brother Rinus and myself imported  2 male dogs from Malta: 'Nadur Prince Tal-Wardija' and 'Sabih bimbu Tal-Wardija'. One year later a friend of ours imported Tal-Wardija B-Sahha Kbira Minn Malta (called 'Hunter'), also from Peter Gatt. Malta. 

'Habiba' (D: Hunter x S: Nadur) is born on 1st July  2003. Although born in the Netherlands she nevertheless is a 100% Kelb tal-Fenek (KTF) with pure Maltese blood.

We own a big nursery where our dogs can run freely all day, hunting for rabbits and hares.  In this way the hunting prowess and high performance of these perfectly adaptable hunting dogs can behold. Thatís why we adopted the kennel name 'Tat-Teterra' from our nursery (Teterra nurseries).  Tat-Teterra means ' from Teteringen's soil'

Our aim as breeder is to preserve the Kelb tal-Fenek as it was bred by countless generations in Malta: to breed keen hunting dogs, whose beauty is simply the result of the breedís efficiency

Anneke Kemmeren-Biemans


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